Custom cedar and fir raised garden/vegetable beds. Solid, proven construction, available in pretty much any size imaginable. These beds are sold for not much more than the cost of materials with the idea that more people gardening and growing their own food the better!  The standard sizes of 2×4 x 16″ and 2x8x16″ are the most efficient usage of wood and materials, and thus the most popular. Below are prices for some of the more popular standard sizes as well as other options such as bottoms and legs for those that want to use them as patio and deck planters.

2x2x16″ = $75 (add $15 for bottom, $10 for legs)

2x2x24″ = $90 (add $15 for bottom, $10 for legs)

2x4x16″ = $140 (add $25 for bottom, $10 for legs)

2x6x16″ = $160 (add $25 for bottom, $10 for legs)

2x8x16″ = $225 (add $35 for bottom, $10 for legs)

For a no stain option, subtract $10 from the total price.


Don’t hesitate to ask about ANY size or ANY dimensions!



Like the standard garden/veggie beds, the patio/deck units are 100% Western Red-cedar with triple stained Douglas-fir trim. Solid, bullet-proof design, yet lightweight and easy to move. All sizes and dimensions available, below are some common standards as well as their prices.